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Lasting Connection™ Premarital Program Facilitator Training

For the Orthodox Jewish Community

Promoting Shalom Bayis

Beginning October 24, 2022 Five Monday's from 9:30 -1:00 ET 12 CEU's Available

Therapists, Rabbis and Kallah Teachers

You can help couples secure their connection, develop skills, prevent and solve problems together.

The Lasting Connection™ Premarital Workshop is based on research to teach couples the essentials of attachment, communication, managing differences, physical intimacy and the importance of creating couple & family traditions and goals across their lives.

This is all designed so they can develop emotional closeness and security as a couple which provides a safeguard from disconnection and abandonment.

Premarital Education has been proven to help marriages with results such as higher marriage satisfaction, harmony, enduring commitment, less destructive conflicts, and an increased likelihood of seeking support to prevent divorce. Yet there were gaps showing in the research. Important elements of happy and secure couples are not generally taught in premarital programs.

Premarital education has lacked to help couples understand relationship development and essential relational dynamics. The cutting edge research about how couples develop and maintain romantic connection, support each other emotionally and strengthen their loving bond across time has not been included. Couples need more than active listening skills and conflict resolution, they need to know how to grown and improve their love, prevent disconnection and emotional isolation and understand how their differences can be their biggest strengths.

The Lasting Connection™ Premarital Workshop was developed by two experienced educators and couple therapists to provide these essential elements. Based on the latest research of romantic bonding and emotion and the necessity of having connecting conversations they created a Connection System™.

The Connection System™ is more that a communication tool, using it is a connecting experience.  With the Connection System™ as a key feature, the workshop comes alive across all sections providing education that is experiential, the kind of education that makes a lasting difference.

This Facilitator’s training will teach you the absolute importance of creating a secure, strong bond so couples can withstand the challenges that can destroy happy family life. It addresses how vital it is for  communication to get to the heart of every matter and how to help couples learn and practice connecting, not just communicating.

These are the things that help partners improve the quality of their relationship across time, to grow their love, their living interactions, understanding and harmony. 

In 2021 the first research study on the Lasting Connection™ Workshop was completed showing the workshop is meeting its goals. Even a year after attending the workshop the couples reported how they got closer, developed more compassion and a deeper knowing of the partners. And very importantly they loved the flow of the workshop, the Connection System™ and learning experientially. This facilitator training teaches you how to provide Premarital Education that makes a difference, that helps couple build a truly lasting connection. We hope you’ll become a facilitator and join our team of educators to help couples have happier and stronger marriages.

Get the training and materials you need to be successful.

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Training includes 15 hours of research-based instruction via online video conference (Zoom). Including:

  • Presentation Skills & Techniques for engagement using experiential learning theory.
  • Presentation Materials, ready to use and personalize
  • Unlimited Access to Course Recordings
  • Membership in Facilitators private group for support and promotion.
  • Your workshops listed on our Workshops page.
  • 12 CEU’s available through TRI EFT Alliant

So you can start presenting what you’ve learned and begin to help couples strengthen their relationship right away.

Support an important trend in our culture to utilize education to enhance our ability to have strong and happy relationships. The truth that we need intimate connection especially in marriage supports the movement that we can learn to do marriage better. 

Meet your Trainers
Rebecca Jorgensen, Phd and Debi Gilmore, Phd

Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD 

Co-Creator of Building A Lasting Connection™

Dr. Jorgensen is an internationally recognized Trainer and Supervisor of Emotionally Focused Therapy. She co-founded the San Diego Center for EFT and the Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy Alliant. She has two best selling training videos, Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment and Emotionally Focused Therapy: Step by Step.

Debi Headshot-2022

Debi Gilmore, PhD

Co-Creator of Building A Lasting Connection™

Dr. Gilmore is a nationally approve supervisor with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and a certified supervisor of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) through the International Centre of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). She is a founder and director of the EFT Clinic.

Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Gilmore brought together what they know from research and practice to launch the Building A Lasting Connection™ program, that includes tools, resources, training and couple workshops to promote the development of secure attachment and to prevent couple distress. 

Meet Trainer Assistant, Facilitator Penina Flug

Penina Flug

Penina Flug-
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Lasting Connection™ Workshop Facilitator

Penina Flug has been providing psychotherapy since receiving her MSW from Fordham University in 2003. 

She received advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy in 2014-15 at the Ackerman institute.

Her private practice, located in South Florida focuses on couples and relationship therapy as well as premarital education for couples. 

She has recently made it a mission of hers to create awareness in the Orthodox community of the importance of premarital education.

Rabbi Joshua Marder Recommendation

“The challenges of couples today within the frum Jewish community are complicated and alarming.  The Building a Lasting Connection material guides a couple towards a path of understanding, engaging, and thriving.  This course should be an obligation for every choson and kallah in klal Yisrael!

Anyone who can share this material with a couple is giving them a precious gift, a foundation to building a home of harmony and shalom.”


Joshua Marder, Rabbi
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified EFT Supervisor & Couples Therapist

What is Included in the Price?

Live Online Training and follow up Independent Self-Paced Study (recordings of the virtual course). Note: The training dates listed are for live, online instruction and experiential practice.

Also included the Lasting Connection Facilitator Guide and the Lasting Connection Materials Set, which contains the core items facilitators need to present an engaging and productive workshop or to mentor couples individually.

The Lasting Connection Materials Set includes the Connection System™ in 2 sizes, Facilitator Guide, Participant Manual and a tote bag. The Lasting Connection™ Workshop PowerPoint presentation slides are delivered to you in electronic form.

Once you have completed the online training you will receive an official Lasting Connection Facilitator certificate, seal, and access to our online Lasting Connection Facilitator Community. You will also be authorized to purchase additional Lasting Connection Systems™ and workshop materials to enhance your facilitator experience when you start facilitating your workshops.

Meeting Dates and Times

October 24, 2022

Oct. 31, 2022

Nov. 7, 2022

Nov. 14, 2022

Nov. 21, 2022

Times: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Eastern Time with a 30 min. break from 11:30-12:00pm. 

NOTE: A minimum of 15 participants is required for this training to go forward as outlined above. If the minimum number of participants is not reached by April 8th you will have the option of a full refund or to be transferred into our Pre-Recorded Workshop supported with meeting in real time June 10th to cover Section 4 on  Physical Connection.  

You’ll get a box of materials sent directly to you!

The Building a Lasting Connection™ Facilitator Materials

Shipped materials include: 4×8 foot Connection System™; the 8/12X 11 inch Touch Connection System™, the Facilitator Guide and BLC Tote Bag. 

Get all you need to get started

when you sign up now.

Price: $650

Early Bird $595.  Get in now on the early-bird rate and save!

Price includes instruction, workshop materials including the Connection System™,  Facilitator Guide, ready to go PowerPoints for your workshops, participant manuals for your workshop participants and membership in a private facilitators discussion group. And, unlimited access to the training recording and the downloadable materials.

Questions? Email Lasting Connection™ Facilitator Penina Flug at:

Personalized Payment Plans are also available. Email us from the Contact Page.

Register now so you can provide your own Lasting Connection™ Workshops to groups and one couple at a time. 

We look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cancellation Policy? 

If you are unable to attend the training, you may transfer your funds and registration status to another trainee or to a future training event. To obtain a transfer please notify us at least 2 weeks before the training. Transfers will expire one year from the date of the notification. All registrations are final. 

What Can A Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator Do Upon Successful Completion of Training?

Training authorizes the Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator to:

  • Independently teach and facilitate the Lasting Connection™ Workshop

  • Use and promote the materials and content of the Lasting Connection™ Workshop

  • Be listed as a Lasting Connection Facilitator on the Building A Lasting Connection International Website

  • Purchase additional Connection Systems and supplies at a discount.

What If I Haven’t Been Trained in Working with Couples?

While this course does not replace training in how to work with couples as a licensed professional, the training offers facilitators the concepts and skills needed to help couples understand the principles of attachment and healthy communication.

Licensed or pre-licensed professionals interested in further training or supervision are encouraged to contact us.