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You can help couples prevent problems and secure their connection

Our online training program is a comprehensive process that includes on-demand video instruction, home-study assignments and real time online Q&A.

The course curriculum is designed to cultivate well-prepared facilitators who are prepared to provide excellent workshop instruction and support. Training includes: participation in a BLC approved facilitator workshop via video conference; supplementary text readingreview of course materials and pre-recorded video instruction in attachment and emotion processing, experiential learning theory, our innovative one-of-a-kind Lasting Communication System™, hands-on support with practice, networking, resources to develop a marketing plan for your community, business training, presentation materials for you to personalize and be ready to schedule and present what you’ve learned so you can begin helping couples right away.

Enjoy the flexibility of learning online gives you. With online classes, you do all the work at your own pace. There’s less pressure and intensity when you work within the homework guidelines and participate with the facilitators during live Q&A sessions. You can do it all within the comfort of your own home or office and still have the benefit of meeting with others, networking, and sharing together.

What Will You Learn In the Facilitator Training?

During session one and two of the training you will learn:

  • The basics of Attachment Theory and why it is such an essential aspect of the program.
  • The basics of Experiential Learning Theory to amplify the learning experience.
  • How to pre-screen potential participants.
  • How to administer the pre- and post- assessment instruments.
  • The information presented in the workshop during Modules 1 and 2.
  • How to explain and facilitate the break-out exercises.

In session three of the training you will learn:

  • How to present material in a compelling way to retain participant interest and engagement.

  • How to lead group discussions to engage participants on a deeper level.

  • The information presented in the workshop during Module 3.

In session four and five of the training you will learn:

  • How to market and promote your workshops.

  • How to work with difficult group dynamics.

  • The information presented in the workshop during Modules 4 and 5.

Who Is Eligible to Become A Facilitator?

The training to become a Lasting Connection Facilitator is available to professionals and community leaders interested in working with couples and individuals who are entering relationships and want more security in their committed relationships. While you are not required to be a licensed professional, those who have specific training in working with couples and relationships in general will be more prepared to ease into becoming a certified facilitator. The following will benefit from the training process to become facilitators:
  • Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Clergy
  • Pastoral Counselors
  • Life Coaches
  • Educators
  • Professors
  • Community Leaders

What is Included in the Price ?

Home Study (including video instruction) and Live Q&A. 

Also included the Lasting Connection Facilitator Guide and the Lasting Connection Materials Set, which contains the core items facilitators need to present an engaging and productive workshop or to mentor couples individually. 

The Lasting Connection Materials Set includes interactive exercises, the Lasting Connection System™, and PowerPoint presentation slides in electronic form. 

Once you have completed the online training you will receive an official Lasting Connection Facilitator certificate, seal, and access to our online Lasting Connection Facilitator Community. You will also be authorized to purchase additional Lasting Connection Systems™ and workshop materials to enhance your facilitator experience when you start facilitating your workshops.

Building A Lasting Connection™

Facilitator Materials Set

Training Objectives

As a result of this training you will be able to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Attachment Theory and how safe emotional connection with others empowers the individual to develop a positive sense of self. The result is maximal flexibility and adaptability in relationships, and also promotes resilience in the midst of stress and trauma.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Experiential Learning Theory and how learning results from synergistic transactions between the person and their environment. In accordance with the positive aspects of experiential learning, couples benefit from being taught the foundational principles of relationship development in a group setting.
  • Learn how to guide couples in experiential exercises and how to process their experiences on a deeper level so they retain more learning.
  • Know how to support and encourage participants in learning, exploring and sharing vulnerable feelings.
  • Know how to process discussion topics to achieve a deeper emotional experience.
  • Develop skills to handle difficult situations in a group setting.
  • Learn how to use the Lasting Connection System™ and how to educate couples to use the Lasting Connection System™ on their own.
  • Gain practical skills for presenting the Lasting Connection™ Workshop including self-awareness as a presenter, speaking skills, ways to engage an audience, and other strategies related to public speaking and workshop presentations in general.
  • Know how to plan, organize and market the Lasting Connection™ Workshop.
  • Learn how to market yourself as a Lasting Connection™ Workshop Facilitator.

Training Requirements

  • In order to receive the official designation as a Building A Lasting Connection Workshop Facilitator and to be listed on the Building A Lasting Connection International Website you need to complete all course assignments, attend and participate in the online training.
  • All participants must sign the Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator Agreement Form.

What Can A Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator Do Upon Successful Completion of Training?

Training authorizes the Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator to:
  • Independently teach and facilitate the Lasting Connection™ Workshop
  • Use and promote the materials and content of the Lasting Connection™ Workshop
  • Be listed as a Lasting Connection Facilitator on the Building A Lasting Connection International Website
  • Purchase additional Connection Systems and supplies at a discount.

Are There Limitations to What I Can Do with the Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator Title?

Yes, as a Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator, it is not acceptable to:
  • Present oneself as a mental health professional if the facilitator is not a graduate of a masters or doctoral level program and is not licensed within their resident state.
  • Present oneself as an employee, agent, or other representative of the Building A Lasting Connection Program. Exceptions to this are made for those hired as Master Trainers or Consultants to the Building A Lasting Connections Program.
  • Present oneself as a Building A Lasting Connection therapist or counselor to market or publicize the Building A Lasting Connection Program as couples therapy. This distinction requires a separate state “licensure” program. Note: You may list yourself with the letters BLCF to indicate your certification in the program one you are certified.
  • Present oneself as a couples’ therapist or market and publicize the Building A Lasting Connection Program as couples’ therapy. The Building A Lasting Connection Workshop is relationship education and enrichment.
  • Offer independent training or licensure on behalf of the Building A Lasting Connection Program. For more information about how to become an approved, recognized Building A Lasting Connection Program Training Specialist please contact us.
  • Offer or present Building A Lasting Connection training workshops for other professionals, unless said professionals attend as couples experiencing the Building A Lasting Connection Workshop. However, once the professionals have completed their experience in the workshop, they are not authorized to present themselves as Building A Lasting Connection Facilitators. They must attend the formal official training offered by Building A Lasting Connection Workshop Master Trainers.
  • Offer or present formal seminars or presentations on the Building A Lasting Connection Program to academic audiences. However, it is permissible and encouraged for Building A Lasting Connection Facilitators to give informational seminars or informal talks in the community as a means of marketing or publicizing workshops.

How Can Potential Workshop Participants Know I am Approved by the Building A Lasting Connection Program?

Website Posting: At the completion of the training, the Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator’s name, organization, city, and state of residence will be posted in the directory of the Building A Lasting Connection™ website. This will allow couples to know that they are taking the workshop from an endorsed, reputable facilitator. It is requested that Building A Lasting Connection Facilitators keep us informed of any address or workshop changes. Additionally, workshops provided by trained facilitators will be listed on the Building A Lasting Connection website.

Confirmation of Status: The BLC staff are happy to provide documentation or verbal confirmation of any Building A Lasting Connection Facilitator’s status. Please have interested parties contact us.

What If I Haven’t Been Trained in Working with Couples?

While this training does not replace training in how to work with couples as a licensed professional, the training offers facilitators the concepts and skills needed to help couples understand the principles of attachment and healthy communication.

Licensed or pre-licensed professionals interested in further training or supervision are encouraged to contact us.

What is the Cancellation Policy? 

If you are unable to attend the training, you may transfer your funds and registration status to another trainee or to a future training event. To obtain a transfer please notify us at least 2 weeks before the training. Transfers will expire one year from the date of the notification. All registrations are final. 

Presenters: Dr. Debi Gilmore and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen 

You will have access to our course portal to access home-study videos. Videos and content are delivered and available 

Pricing: Includes instruction, workshop materials, the Connection System™, downloadable instruction, ready to go powerpoints for your workshops, workshop participant manuals for your workshops and membership in a private facilitators discussion group.