Premarital Program

What Makes Building A Lasting Connection the Ultimate Premarital Education?

The premarital education courses offered across the United States generally cover the same few topics: communication, problem-solving skills, commitment, sacrifice, and forgiveness. While these topics are each vitally important and play a key role in marital satisfaction, they fail to explore adult attachment, the process of uncovering deeply rooted emotions that cause turmoil and relational stress, and other elements of building an enduring relationship, such as sexual intimacy and shared traditions and long-term goals. Building A Lasting Connection: One Step At a Time™ is the program that envelopes all of these elements into one course, based on the understanding of the role adult attachment plays in everyone’s life.

What will we learn in this program?

The objectives of the program are to teach couples how to create and preserve a foundation of secure attachment in their new and developing relationship.

With a new understanding of attachment theory and attachment needs, couples will:

  • Achieve a greater understanding of what “romantic love is” and how it is maintained
  • Learn how to communicate on a deeper level
  • Navigate conflict with a new awareness of personal unmet needs
  • Learn how to identify negative interactional patterns
  • Learn the art of “sexual intimacy” with attachment needs in mind
  • Learn the importance of rituals and traditions to enrich marital and familial relationships

The Building A Lasting Connection: One Step At a Time Program is designed to teach couples the skills they need keep the spark alive throughout their lifetime. Using our Connection System, couples will discover the process of expressing needs, addressing concerns, and working together to discover solutions to whatever issues and conflicts life may bring, as well as how to share thoughts, feelings and needs in a manner that ensures validation and connection between partners.

What is Premarital Education and why is it needed?

It’s no secret: marriage can be hard. Studies show that couples marrying for the first time have a 50% chance of facing divorce, often within the first 10 years of marriage. Relationship researchers, professional counselors, ecclesiastical groups and even public leaders have found premarital education beneficial in preparing couples for long-term commitment and ultimately preventing divorce.  

The benefits of Premarital Education include:

    • Assists in the transition from single hood to marriage
    • Preventative measure- helps families and societies avoid the high cost of divorce
    • Highly correlated with greater marital quality 
    • Contributes to lower levels of marital conflict
    • Decrease in divorce rates nationally

Many states have proposed and enacted legislation that requires premarital education before issuing a marriage certificate or offers incentives to participate in premarital and relationship building programs before marriage. Despite multiple studies proving both the short- and long-term effectiveness of premarital education, only a handful of these programs are available and there are large differences in curriculum between religious institutions and state or national guidelines.

These programs tend to focus mostly on behavioral skills—like basic couple communication— but completely ignore adult attachment and its role in building a warm, enduring, and fulfilling marital relationship. As one of they key elements of romantic relationships, adult attachment, in our opinion, is of utmost importance when preparing two individuals to merge their lives into one.

What is Adult Attachment and Why Does It Matter?

Thanks to decades of research and thousands of studies, social scientists and researchers have recognized the causes of relationship distress and the inevitable impact that relational stress has not only on close relationships, but on the physical and mental health of relationship partners as well. Behind much of this relational stress lie deeply rooted emotions connected to personal attachment. 

According to Dr. John Bowlby, the father of Attachment Theory, the purpose of emotion is to communicate essential needs, motives, and priorities to others. Research shows that “securely attached” adults are prepared mentally and emotionally to form and maintain  emotionally responsive relationships. This is not to say that only securely attached adults can have fulfilling and long-lasting relationships; relational success is found with couples who are able to understand their partner’s and their own at attachment styles and build on a foundation of trust, mutual vulnerability, and emotional connectivity. A sense of security and emotional safety encourages positive and constructive communication, whereas feelings of insecurity cause a breakdown in communication and ultimately a breakdown of the relationship. Understanding attachment is the first step in truly understanding how to communicate with your partner on their level.

Are you, or would you like to be, a premarital educator?

Join us for the facilitator training, or contact us for how we can help you, your church, mosque, synagogue or organization teach and reach more couples with this essential information.