The Mentor Connection System

Couples getting connected through the Mentor Connection System. Learning how to share and talk together, build closeness through authentic communication.

 Here’s what couples are saying about the Connection System 

  • “I am so grateful for this system. Thank you so much!”
  • “I think the real value in the connection system is it helps you to separate the emotions/elements and due to that it’s easier to identify true root causes and also recognize your own attachment needs.”
  • “I really like the pause section. It helps me follow my wife’s thoughts.”
  • “I like that even when we start in a harsh place as we move around the system we soften up and it feels so positive.”
  • “Such powerful exercises!”
  • “Our conversations with the system are very helpful, we slow down and each of us are heard.”
  • “The talking we’ve done with the connection system so far was very helpful and has given me hope that we can fix our marriage.”
  • “We’ve just used the connection system once and I learned new thing about my behavior already.”
  • “I am happily surprised how effective the structure is.”
  • “I am amazed how good it feels to communicate calmly with such deep emotions.”


Benefits of the Connection System®

When you utilize the Building A Lasting Connection System™ with couples you will have the tool you need to help them move into more closeness as well as helping them learn to move through distress to connection more reliably and quickly – one step at a time.

You will notice:

  • The Connection System, through your mentoring, guides them through a process where couples learn, through supported experience, how to be open and what to be open about as well as how and when to respond with empathy.  These are skills most couples don’t have and can be difficult to learn as adults. 
  • The Connection System provides you a clear path to help couples navigate through issues and differences in a manner that is transparent, concrete and connecting.
  • The Connection System provides you in structure that will support your quest to deal with emotion “here and now,” allowing you to monitor the process with a visible reference that keeps your couples working together,  that helps them emerge with a richer, more effective communication experience.
  • The Connection System is perfect to use as homework between therapy sessions to help couples understand and share more fully, including their inner worlds and process of emotion which encourages an increase of love and understanding. If you utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy you will find the Connection System provides excellent at-home practice in support of the work you are doing with your couples in therapy. This practice is designed to increase the effectiveness of your therapy sessions by helping them sharing more clearly, connect intentionally and settled into a deeper self-awareness and a more open and connected relationship. Imagine, helping couples reach their relational goals and feeling better faster.
  • Through using the Communication System, your clients will learn aspects of communication that incorporate the principles of attachment theory that are not taught or emphasized in typical communication skills training. Your clients will learn how to share and process issues on a deeper, more vulnerable level. The connection system assists your clients to remain focused and grounded while sharing to prevent them triggered responses or becoming flooded. The Connection System prompts your couples to discover and share hidden feeling and needs. As you mentor them with the Connection System you will help them begin to discover they can problem solve together.  Most importantly, one step at a time they learn how to be accessible, responsive and engaged with each other, which is key to the development of secure attachment.
Mentor Connection System to help couples communicate deeply

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What the Mentor Connection System includes:

Mentor Manual – full instructions on how to introduce the Connection System to your clients, including the theoretical framework and couple exercises.

2-Sided 8 feet x 4 feet Connection System Floor Mat

Additional Couple Exercises