What Makes Building A Lasting Connection™ Workshop Relevant Today?

Of particular concern is the prevalence of divorce among married and committed couples, and studies show that as many as 50% of couples marrying for the first time ultimately divorce. Relationship education has been identified as a preventative tool to assist couples in navigating through the challenges of marriage, however there are relatively few comprehensive programs currently available. Programs targeted toward newly committed couples have been shown to be generally effective in predicting immediate, short-term improvement, but these programs focus primarily on behavioral skills such as couple communication as opposed to adult attachment style.

The Building A Lasting Connection workshop is a relationship education program with a focus on the foundational principles of attachment with the added benefits of experiential learning. The workshop teaches the importance of adult attachment and the essential role of attachment and safe emotional connection to sustain relationship development and health among committed couples.

One of the most essential aspects of this attachment-based experiential program is to facilitate and build on the initial bonding process through a deeper understanding of attachment, the importance of authenticity and emotional connection and increased recognition of how unrepaired miscommunications can lead to lack of emotional safety resulting in the creation of emotional distance or heightened conflict, and to enhance the couples’ ability to achieve greater relationship satisfaction across their years of marriage.