Building A Lasting Connection Couple Workshop

Salt Lake City: April 24th and 25th

April 24 & 25, 2019

Date: April 24 & 25, 2019
Location: Exact Location Coming Soon
Times: Friday 1-6 , Saturday 9-4
Cost: $390.00 per couple

Facilitated by Dr. Debi Gilmore and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen, workshop creators.

Based on the latest attachment and education research, the Building a Lasting Connection (BLC) Workshop is designed to provide couples with the essential components relationships need to build a lasting love that will stay strong to weather the storms of life. You can learn to do marriage better through learning how to share and connect at a deeper level. This workshop gives you the way to learn how.

The BLC workshop is built on the five levels of our relationship pyramid that are essential to romantic relationships. Participants receive necessary instruction and skill practice across these modules:

  1. Attachment: The Foundation to Romantic Love and Security.

  2. Communication: How to Share Intimately and solve problem collaboratively in a Stressful and Busy World.

  3. Managing Differences: How to Use Your Differences to Improve Your Relationship, Especially Around Important Decisions and Hurt Feelings.

  4. Physical Connection: The Importance Of Touch, What You Need To Know About Differences, and How to Strengthen Adventure and Play Especially in Consideration Of Differences in Affection and Desire.

  5. Shared Goals: How to Build the Life Together You Both Dream Of – Across Your LifeSpan.