What You’ll Learn

You’ll Learn

  • How to secure your loving bond, so it’s strong, safe and grows throughout your life.

  • The secrets of communication that creates connection. It’s not about talking and listening as much as it is knowing how to share and what to listen for.

  • How to handle conflict. Having a differences of opinion and points of view are normal and healthy but all too often lead to unresolved conflict. You will learn how to use sensitive topics to bring you closer together.

  • The essentials of touch and intimacy. Both affectionate touch and intimate touch are supportive aspects of your romantic relationship. You will learn how to know each other intimately emotionally and sexually so your contact can be both a comfort and a safe adventure.

  • How to develop goals based on who you each are, so your marriage supports both your shared and individual dreams.



Thousands of relationships Saved

Our combined experience has helped thousands of couples improve the quality of their relationship through workshops, therapy and therapist training.

Because we devoted our lives and shaped our careers around our doctoral educations and have kept up with the cutting edge research, worked with the greats of couple therapy and utilized the best of what was available and STILL were constantly faced with a need for couples to have more specific, practical, and easily accessible tools to take home and immediately use we were inspired to develop this workshop and the tools that support it.

Building A Lasting Connection (BLC) utilizes the best from adult attachment theory ala Sue Johnson and John Bowlby, couple therapy research ala Sue Johnson and John Gottman, premartial education, and experiential learning theory so you walk out of the BLC Workshop with the knowledge, experience and tools you need to develop healthy communication, have fun conversations, explore issues, and solve problems so you can grow together, support each other and be intimately connected.

30+ years

Years Serving Families

Years of service to families and couples has guided the development of this ground breaking program. The best of attachment science, the strength of experiential learning and the research of what couples really need to be successful are packed into the workshop in a fun and engaging educational program.

In additional to learning in the workshop, and perhaps more importantly, you will walk away with the physical tools you can use to continue to having engaging, constructive conversations that leave you feeling successful, closer, and more intimately connected.