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The Tools you Need to Build Connection

We provide tools and workshops for couples,

therapists and marriage educators to support relationship development and improvement.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most successful approach to building strong and lasting relationship. 

We use the same principles of attachment and emotion processing to provide you with the most effective and up-to-date relationship tools and education. 


Our workshop facilitators are trained therapists and marriage educators across the United States as well as in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. See ABOUT US to find a facilitator to inquire about Online or In-person workshops near you. You can be part of a relationship building workshop in a group or as an individual couple.

The Lasting Connection® Workshop

A Program for Early Relationships & Committed Couples

Based on the latest attachment and education research the Lasting Connection® Workshop  is designed to provide couples with the essential components their relationships need to build a lasting love that will stay strong to weather the storms of life.

Whether you are looking for a workshop, tools or information you will find our program provides interactive and experiential education, systems and exercises that unify relation research and educational pedagogy to provide you with personalized, fun and enriched learning experiences. If you attend one of our workshops you will get both results and tools you can take home with you to keep your relationship growing strong long past the 7-year itch, post baby blues and across all relationship developmental stages.   

Interactive and experiential exercises unify the latest research to provide you a personalized, fun and enriched learning structure.

There is nothing more rewarding in life than to love. We want to help you safeguard and secure your love. We believe love is meant to be strong enough to last so we can build our lives with each other. For most of us, having relationships that grow with us and across time we need to invest time and resources to learn how to keep it strong and growing the way we dream of when we first decide to build our lives together. 

Simply put, Building A Lasting Connection® is here to help you do your relationship better.  

What couples say about the workshop:

“What we shared overrode my automatic instinct and I made a new choice, it helped us out so quickly! “I love the Connection System®, it helps to break it down.” St. George, Utah

I GOT that attachment is a need.” Partner: “I’m understanding why I’ve been self-protective and how it’s different now.” Hawaii

“We learned to communicate in a new way and it brought us closer together. We knew we loved each other but we had lost our connection. It feels so good and hopeful to have this aliveness and care back in our relationship. It’s like we got a map and found our way home.” Salt Lake City, Utah

“There were things that we would never had done without this course and without the skills and the techniques they showed us. These skills are so wonderful to have.”  Portland, OR.

What professionals are saying about the workshop

Dr. James Kasten, BLC Researcher

“The Building A Lasting Connection® system addresses the shortcomings of premarital and relationship workshops by helping couples learn how to have attachment-building conversations that will strengthen their relationship over time. By conducting a phenomenological study of couples that attended a Lasting Connection® workshop, I heard their experiences first-hand. Every couple interviewed expressed difficulty remembering the lecture portions. However, each couple could describe the experiential exercises with their partner in great detail. Every couple interviewed also reported experiencing strong emotional connection through their experiential activities, therefore, strengthening their attachment with each other. More importantly, each couple reported that not only did they create a deeper relationship with their partner, but they maintained the gains from attending the workshop. The results from my research revealed that the Lasting Connection System® accomplishes the goal of equipping couples to have attachment-building conversations and strengthening their relationship over time.” 





What You’ll Learn

How to secure your love, so it’s strong, safe and grows throughout your life.


The secrets of communication that creates connection. It’s not about talking and listening as much as it is knowing how to share and what to listen for.


How to deal with differences. Having differences of opinion and points of view is normal and healthy but all too often leads to unresolved hurts that results in conflict. You will learn how to use sensitive topics to bring you closer together, and tune in to each other heart to heart.


The essentials of touch and intimacy. Both affectionate touch and intimate touch are supportive aspects of your romantic relationship. You will learn how to know each other intimately, emotionally and sexually so your contact can be a comfort and journey of discovery.


How to develop goals, traditions and rituals so your marriage supports who you each are as well as your shared and individual dreams.

The Lasting Connection® workshop is built on the five pillars of our relationship pyramid that are essential to romantic relationships.


Information is provided through instruction, interactive exercises and skill practice to keep the learning segments interesting and engaging.


The Lasting Connection® Relationship Pyramid

Why work with us?

We have helped thousands of relationships

Our combined experience has helped thousands of couples improve the quality of their relationship through workshops, therapy and therapist training.

We have devoted our professional lives and shaped our careers around our doctoral educations. Keeping up with the cutting edge research and working with the greats of couple therapy allowed us to utilize the best of what was available. And STILL we were constantly faced with a need for couples to have preventative education with more specific, practical, and easily accessible tools to take home and immediately use. This is why we were inspired to develop this workshop and the tools that support it.

Building A Lasting Connection® (BLC) utilizes the best from adult attachment theory ala Sue Johnson and John Bowlby, couple therapy research ala Sue Johnson and John Gottman, premarital education, and experiential learning theory so you walk out of the Lasting Connection® Workshop with the knowledge, experience and tools you need to develop healthy communication, have fun conversations, explore issues, and solve problems so you can keep growing together, supporting each other and be intimately connected.

Experience makes a difference

Years of service to families and couples has guided the development of this ground breaking program. The best of attachment science, the strength of experiential learning and the research of what couples really need to be successful are packed into this fun and engaging educational program that includes workshops and products.

In addition to what you’ll learn in the workshop, and perhaps more importantly, you will walk away with the physical tools you can use to continue having healthy, constructive conversations that leave you feeling successful, closer, and more intimately connected.

Get Involved

We recognize the need for couples everywhere to benefit from nurturing and protecting their loving connection. Most of us need to learn how to be authentic and vulnerable in healthy ways and how to communicate together open heartedly. Therefore our overarching goal is to spread the Lasting Connection System® through training and supporting workshop Facilitators and to provide educational materials to secure and strengthen couples loving bond.

If you know connection is essential we invite you to get involved through using or gifting a Lasting Connection System®, attending a workshop, volunteering at a workshop and/or getting trained to facilitate workshops. Working together we can help prevent couple distress so young love can grow stronger across time. We hope you will share this message and let others know this program is available to help couples.

We hope you’ll join us for the rich rewards being on a mission to improve loving and help others learn the lifetime benefits having a lasting relationship offers.

Can Building A Lasting Connection® Help Me or Those I Love?

Sign Up For a Couple Workshop

Whether you sign up now to join us at one of our current workshops, to attend as a participant or volunteer, we’re excited to have you on our team to help strengthen and preserve healthy marital relationships. Our programs provide the education couples need to stay strongly connected and happily married.




Volunteer opportunities

Come and be an exercise guide in one of our upcoming workshops to support couples, begin on the path to facilitator certification (if you’re so inclined), and learn more about getting in sync yourself with the exciting new and effective experiential exercises that are key to the uniqueness of this program.

Gift a Workshop

We have interest in this program from many places around the world, from engaged, newlywed and couples in newly developing relationship as well as professionals working with disadvantaged couples who desire relationship education. Imagine helping a couple in Uganda or Ghana!

Donating dollars helps us spread the word so more couples, premarital and newlywed educators and pastoral counselors can find and benefit from participating in the Building A Lasting Connection® Workshop, Facilitator Training or by receiving a Lasting Connection® Communication System. 

All scholarship dollars go directly to persons in financial need, and we will let you know how your funds were gifted. Our guarantee to you.